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HisGIS North Holland
HisGIS North Holland
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HisGIS Coastal Zone North Holland with Haarlem, Alkmaar and Medemblik HisGIS Kustzone Noord-Holland is based on the model of HisGIS Fryslân. It offers the oldest cadastral map from 1832 with associated owner and parcel data in digital form for roughly the area between Hillegom and Den Helder, including the cities of Haarlem, Alkmaar and Medemblik. The system covers 54 cadastral municipalities, with about 100,000 parcels, all measured in the period 1811-1832. Like the other HisGIS projects, it is intended as a coat rack for displaying and displaying digital knowledge about people, property, heritage, landscape and social and economic developments in the past. This data can be overlaid on other maps, such as elevation files, aerial photos or old topographical maps. And that provides valuable data for historians, ecologists, site managers, landscape specialists and many others.

The package was created by the Fryske Akademy and the Team Geo of the KNAW's Humanities Cluster together with the Noord-Hollands Archief, with support also from the archaeological department of the province of Noord-Holland. A lot of work was done by volunteers from the Noord-Hollands Archief. They accounted for most of the input of parcel data from the so-called Original Indicating Tables (OATs). These contain all information about the owners, the size, the use and the estimated value of the plots.

With that, more than half of the province of North Holland is covered. See also the separate HisGIS sites for Amsterdam and Hoorn and the surrounding area. As for the follow-up, when the site is launched, now as of March 19, 2021, it can be reported that the aim is to expand the area to the entire province. However, progress depends on financial possibilities.

This makes it clear that HisGIS (Coastal Zone) North Holland 1832 is a 'Work in Progress'. With regard to the data currently available for a few municipalities such as Beemster, Castricum, Den Helder and Crommenie, it should be noted that the vector data (the maps themselves) are available, but not yet the OAT data, apart from those for soil use. Due to imperfections in the link, it was not yet feasible to publish this data now, but we hope to have remedied this shortcoming within two months. However, we hope to have solved the problems for these four old cadastral municipalities within two months with a new input.

In order to provide an overview, in addition to the files of the Coastal Zone, the general map also includes the connecting vector files of Amsterdam and those of Hoorn and the surrounding area. These do show the land use, but do not contain the rest of the plot data. Anyone interested in this should consult the stand-alone HisGIS sites of Amsterdam in Hoorn in the old viewer. It is the intention that these sites will be integrated with those of North Holland in the foreseeable future.

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Richard Zijdeman
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2022-12-14 20:52:08
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