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Network of Terms
Network of Terms
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The Network of Terms is a new service being developed by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network for finding terms in terminology sources such as thesauri, classification systems, and reference lists. The Network of Terms searches all of the terminology sources available in the Heritage Network. We are still working on the final product, but this website will give you a taste of what’s in store for you. The Network of Terms is intended for everyone who manages heritage information and wants to provide standardized terms from common terminology sources, for example heritage collection managers or heritage portal editors. Please note that, as a user, you do not search the Network of Terms directly; your collection or content management system will do it for you. The Network of Terms will make it easier for collection managers and editors to use terms from terminology sources. Of course it is possible to search terminology sources directly, without the Network of Terms. This can be a challenge, however. Terminology sources use different ways to unlock their information. The Network of Terms facilitates the process by providing a uniform way of searching. You search the Network of Terms through your collection or content management system. This is where you enter your search query, for instance: Rembrandt or fiets (‘bicycle’). You then select the terminology source you want to search, for instance: Netherlands Thesaurus of Author’s names (NTA) or Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). The Network of Terms then performs a real-time query of the terminology source and returns all the matching results. For Rembrandt it will return, for example, all the people going by that name, and for fiets, all concepts containing that noun, such as bakfiets (‘cargo bike’) and waterfiets (‘pedal boat’). The Network of Terms unlocks the information as it appears in the terminology sources, without any modifications.

Contact person:
Enno Meijers
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Richard Zijdeman (KNAW Humanities Cluster) from ⚐
Created on:
2022-12-08 11:40:08
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