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platform{DH} Lecture Series
platform{DH} Lecture Series
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This lecture series on Digital Humanities is organised by the Platform for Digital Humanities of the University of Antwerp.

The objective of the series is to sketch the evolving landscape of digital humanities. Once merely a buzzword, ‘digital humanities’ is now developing into a legitimate discipline that is constantly expanding, and hard to define. In short, it is described as the use of computational methods and digital tools for research in Arts, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, and Social Science.

The diversity of the field is best illustrated through concrete examples from practitioners. For that reason, the Platform for Digital Humanities invites speakers from a variety of disciplines, all united by exceptional and interesting research projects.

The lectures are in English and are free to attend. However, registration is required. Attendance can be confirmed by sending an RSVP e-mail to our platform{DH} email address.

Summary 2017

In 2017, the platform{DH} hosted the following 7 lectures: Wido van Peursen A Statistical Approach to Syntactic Variation. The Case of the Hebrew Bible (13 February) Jeroen De Gussem The Exalted Expert vs. The Exact Experiment: Authorship Attribution, Stylometry and Literary Theory (13 March)
Peter Robinson How to Make Digital Editions of Chaucer and Everyone Else (24 April) Tom Deneire Digital Special Collections: a Rare Book Librarian’s Perspective on Digital Research (15 May) Suzanne Mpouli Computing Similes in French and English Literary Texts (12 June) Ray Siemens: Open Social Scholarship and the Scholarly Edition (12 July) Sofia Ares Oliveira: Machine Vision Algorithms on Cadaster Plans* (4 December)

All talks are announced in due time on our events page, but we also offer a more specific overview of all the upcoming talks in the Lecture Series, and an overview of all our past sessions.

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