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FORTH_03_Consulting in ontology engineering and knowledge representation 2017
FORTH_03_Consulting in ontology engineering and knowledge representation 2017
activity - consulting

The ISO 21127 is a fundamental ontology which aims at linking and integrating information relating to cultural heritage, based on a common conceptual approach. The ontology provides a uniform and extensible semantic framework that can gather, link and integrate any information relating to cultural heritage. The purpose of this standard is to provide a common language among experts in the field (archaeologists, conservators, curators, etc.) to formulate requirements for information systems, to serve as a guide of good practice for conceptual modeling and to be a core schema for the development of large knowledge networks connected to the Internet." Apart from the use of cultural heritage, its usefulness in applications in 'electronic' science, (e-science) and biodiversity has been proven.

The Centre for Cultural Informatics pursues a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to supporting the entire lifecycle of cultural information and documentation procedures for the benefit of study, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Special focus is laid on semantic interoperability, information integration and integrated access. Besides others, the Centre works as competence center for the CIDOC-CRM (ISO 21127), by building up and exchanging application know-how, consultancy to implementers and researchers, and contribution to the dissemination, maintenance and evolution of the standard itself

The “Consulting in ontology engineering and knowledge representation” includes consulting (a) in conceptual design of data structure (b) in data integration and aggregation of heterogeneous source, (c) in data migration and preservation in a long term viable and comprehensive format (d) creation and maintenance of terminological systems

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Chrysoula Bekiari; Christos Georgis
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2018-10-24 14:23:37
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