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FORTH_01_“BBTalk”:Submission and Connection Management Tool 2018
FORTH_01_“BBTalk”:Submission and Connection Management Tool 2018
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BBTalk is the software component that was developed in order to manage the functions of submission of new terms and changes to the BackBone Thesaurus, as well as to connect specialist thesauri into the federated system. It is mainly used as a communication and a thesaurus alignment tool. First, BBTalk functions as an alignment tool for researchers and institutions holding specialist thesauri to link and publish their thesauri (or other controlled vocabulary) to the BBT. Through this functionality, they are able to share their work with a global community of research in a structured manner at a well-known service point. This alignment feature contributes to the sustainability and accessibility of research by giving a permanent structured home to specialist thesauri. In this way, such thesauri can be referenced and consulted in the context of understanding research that has adopted its terminology, sustaining data understandability long term. Further, the federation of more and more thesauri under a common banner also generates a marketplace of extant thesauri that can be re-used by researchers from the same domain. This is not only a convenience to researchers looking to create FAIR data but has the potential to support comparable research and to reduce the need for harmonization and alignment of datasets. One can imagine ‘born harmonized’ datasets becoming a much more frequent phenomenon compared to the present situation. Specialist thesauri connected to the BBT are stored along with contact information of maintainers of these collections enabling notification of all interested parties of any effectuated changes on the BBT. Second, and in support of the above functionality, BBTalk also serves as a communication system supporting discussions between the curators of the BBT and its users. Through the tool researchers can submit requests for changes regarding the terms and hierarchies of the BBT, which are then considered and managed in a formal but open editorial process. BBTalk supports discussions between specialist thesauri maintainers and the curators of the BBT regarding proposed submissions and the connections realized. It further keeps track of the different versions of the BBT and the history of submissions. Crucially, it serves as a record of the relevant discussions related to the evolution of the thesaurus. This ensures transparency and is the conditio sine qua non for a meta-thesaurus to serve as central resource for academic research, where decision must be reached on principle and not by fiat. BBTalk notifies all interested parties about the progress of a submission. Finally, it works as a maintenance system for the BBT, supporting the implementation of the proposed changes, based on the accepted submissions and releases of the new versions of the BBT. BBTalk is developed and maintained by FORTH-ICS ( Its current version (ver. 2.0) can be accessed by clicking the link:

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Christos Georgis
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2018-10-24 09:20:25
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